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DJ Lex is mobile DJ, club DJ and mixshow DJ based out of St. George in Southern Utah
Contact DJ Lex at (435) 619-0196 or use the e-mail form.

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DJ Lex Washington County Fair 2014
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Blackout Party
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Envy Nightclub & Lounge in Mesquite, NV
Summer Kickoff with DJ Lex | Saturday June 7

DJ Lex at Envy Nightclub
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Envy Nightclub & Lounge in Mesquite, NV
Mardi Gras Party 2014 with DJ Lex | March 1

DJ Lex at Envy Nightclub in Mesquite Mardi Gras
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DJ Lex Southern Utah Mobile DJ
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    DJ Lex Southern Utah Mobile DJ

DJ Lex is a professional disc jockey with over 20 years experience with clubs, school dances, church dances, weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

DJ Lex has been on the radio for the last 20 years and is the only mixshow DJ in Southern Utah on B92.1FM. His radio show has helped him become the most well known and most requested disc jockey in Southern Utah.

DJ Lex also specializes in Class Reunions. Rather than just playing the music of your high school years, dance to the music videos as well!

Along with sound and lighting packages for events, DJ Lex offers the latest technology for video dance parties. Not only will you be dancing to the music, but also watching the original music videos. This is great for 80s parties/retro parties as the music videos are hilarious.

Check out Club X with DJ Lex on B92.1FM in Southern Utah, Saturdays at 9pm. The only mixshow DJ from Salt Lake to Vegas!

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Check out DJ Lex's Internet Radio Stations:
Official DJ Lex Radio - Top 40
Club 80's - The 80's Remixed
12 Inch Retro - Classic Dance Mixes
Alt80s - Classic Alternative 80s (KROQ/KJQ)